Zigzign is Lene Frantzen and Arthur Tudsborg.  

We have known each other for almost 40 years - working closely together and helping each other with our artistic works. We run the company Zigzign, which was founded in 2005 with a particular focus on Lene's felt products. That is why it is Lene Frantzen who defines the company, Lene who designs and develops - and who you meet around sales points. Arthur is a visual artist, the faithful support and sparring partner - helps in the production, is a handyman and holds back a bit when Lene gets wild ideas.Our goal is to make high quality art and unique products and to keep developing. 

The company Zigzign is located by Skamlingsbanken, surrounded by protected natural areas. In this nature we find inspiration and peace. We work and live under the same roof - for us there is no difference between work and pleasure - or weekdays and public holidays.  

After all, Lene is a geek with wool, so our flock of sheep is included in the study of wool, structures, colors, shininess and crossbreeding of sheep breeds - how different wool filters etc. In addition, the sheep do nature care on the hills around Skamlingsbanken. The sheep each have their own personality they are indeed becomes a loving part of our family.

Photo of Lene Frantzen and Arthur Tudsborg from 1986

Lene Frantzen:
I am a textile artist - I love working with my hands - that's why I design and craft all my felt product by myself. Wool is a fantastic material - it magical because it can felt - it can insolate both against heat and cold, as well as sound. Wool can be dyed in beautiful and intensely varied colours - I love stretching the realm of possibilities, in a constantly evolving process of combining wildly different colours.
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Arthur Tudsborg: I have been drawing and painting all my life - it gives me peace and energy. I paint from my inner universe - the images emerge during the process and always end up figurative, with many elements and interpretative layers.
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Introductory seminar: In the past, many groups have found it interesting and inspirational to visit our workshop – we would be delighted to speak to you about what we do and to show you around.
– Price: 50 kr. per person ( coffee/tea and bit of something + 25 kr.). By appointment only.

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Visit us in Skamlingsbanken
Take a look at our gallery, showroom and workshop; we are open by appointment every day, from 11:00 to 17:00 (+45 2420 3635 / +45 2964 7361); or just drop in if our "ÅBEN" sign is up!

If you are interested in selling our products, please call or e-mail and tell us a little about yourself.

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Zigzign I/S
Skamlingvejen 132, Skamlingsbanken, 6093 Sjølund, Danmark
CVR no: 28954778
Bank: Nordea, Kolding, Denmark
Reg no: 2470 Account no: 7561 144 359IBAN:
DK9820007561144359, BIC code: NDEADKKK
Lene +45 24203635
Arthur +45 29647361