Which wool can be used for felting?
I often use a lamb’s wool for felting – I have my own leafing.

Wool from different breeds of sheep felt differently as there is a huge difference in wool and what you can use the wool for.

How do you make wool soft?
Wool can be soft, and wool can scratch - it depends on the breed of sheep. If you want the wool close to the body, look for merino wool, cashmere, or pashmina wool. If you want something that will last for years, look for Nordic wool.

Can you save wool that has been washed incorrectly?
No, give the sweater to someone who can fit it. Once the wool has taken shape, it's permanent - a kind of wool memory - and then it's impossible to pull it out to the original size.

Does wool shrink?
Yes, wool shrinks when it felts. Once the wool is felted, it does not shrink any further.

Wool should be washed and rinsed in hand warm water - not above 40 degrees.

Wool is biodegradable and can be composted. I use wool in the garden and greenhouse for ground cover. Plant my potatoes in wool and instead of mowing the potatoes I cover with wool. Can also be used to insulate houses.