Lene Frantzen and her sheep

We make magic

The sheep turns grass to wool and Lene turns wool to beautiful items. Sometime using the wool raw as it is, other times using more processed / dyed wool - Lene makes rawfelt/ vegetarian fur - felted from the sheared wool / fleece

The result has reminiscent of ordinary lambskin, but we call it "vegetarian fur" because the sheep do not suffer there life - they are still on the hills - having a good time and next year they will be sheared again.

Lene Frantzen

Many colours

I felt large amounts of wool together in solid rolls. Afterwards they are cut into slices - a technique I have developed. I fold, pull, wrinkle, crumble, curl, lump and roll the colored wool layers so that the color structures change from time to time.


Felt Slices

It's like MAGIC when Arthur cuts the felt into slices - the result of the color combinations emerges. It's exciting - every time.

a natural material

wool is sustainable

Wool is soft
Wool is warm
Wool is biodegradable
Wool is insulating
Wool is sound-absorbing
Wool can be washed




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