Stool #T01


7.250 kr

"3legged slice" is a stool with a seat of felted wool and three wooden legs. Lene Frantzen has felted the wool in her workshop - in ONE piece - so solid and firm that the seat can carry itself and the person sitting on the stool.
All the felt seats are different, and the woodwork is adapted to the individual felt seats. The stools have been developed in collaboration with cabinetmaker Karen Hansen, and the carpentry work has been carried out at her workshop in Dorset, England.
The circle is a detail that repeats: in the felt seat - in the wood under the felt, - and in the joint under the stool. - and like all good craftsmanship, the stool also looks good from the underside.
Maintenance: Wool is dirt-repellent. If there are stains, they can be removed with a damp sponge. It can be shaken, tapped and vacuumed.
Material: Felt of 100% wool - Wooden legs of ash, as well as the woods linden and birch.
Size: wide about 38 cm. height approx. 48 cm.
Color: natural
Lene Frantzen / Karen Hansen

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