Figurative, Imaginative, Surrealistic, Spherical are some of the words you can use to describe Arthur Tudsborg's Paintings. 

My paintings often start as sketchy abstract compositions, mostly because I'm not too keen on knowing in advance what it is I'm up to, and I am excited about what experiences we - the painting and I - can give each other. During the painting process, the abstract effects change and become recognizable and therefore a figurative expression. 

This way of working can sometimes cause more problems than a sketch might have anticipated, but a charcoal or pencil sketch is made up of line and contour and does not have the same flat and spatial effects that paint on a brush has. It’s not, that I don't draw, because I draw a lot, I draw on everything. For me, it is a way of thinking and clears out the clutter of thoughts. 

Arthur Tudsborg is educated as a draftsman and graphic artist at the Danish School of Crafts, Kolding in 1977, he has since taught and worked as a visual artist. I carry out commissions within painting, decoration, portrait painting, illustrations and more… 

I was born and raised on Rømø. A small island in Denmark. Youngest son of the painter Andreas Petersen Røm. I’ve watched my father paint since I was a very small child and with him when he went out in the nature and painted his watercolors and I’ve peaked into his workshop when he was standing with the oil paintings. Art books were part of my nursery school's picture books. That is why I am deeply fascinated by the old baroque painters. So, painting has been my life my entire life. 

I don't paint to exhibit - I don't paint to make money - I don't paint what I think others like - I paint for my own sake - I paint because I need to paint - to process my feelings, experiences, and impression. I paint because I can't live without. 

Here below some of my paintings over many years.