I love to felt wool together in many different ways. I roll, curl, clump, stamp and wash wool together into large felted rolls – which I then slice, using a machine especially designed and fabricated by us. It’s like magic – out come those colorful wool disks.

The Slice has become my signature piece. I design and produce each and every one by myself. The design is a blend of colours and patterns, simple and elegant. “The Slice” looks easy to create; but in fact, it is anything but simple – involving a complicated and arduous process, which proved to be almost impossible to achieve, but not quite…!An alliance with my husband and friendslaid the foundation for a variety ofhomemade machines that are currently being used for the felting process and the razor-sharp cutting of “The Slice”. So it has not just been a matter of design – it has also been a technological challenge. Huge amounts of wool have been discarded because the end-result was not satisfatory. All products are manufactured with great respect for the environment. The natural felting of wool is without chemicals and all water used through the process is recycled.“The Slice” is produced in Denmark, at our studio and boutique in Skamlingsbanken.

I have worked with textile art and objects since the early 80s.Educated as a textile designer from the Arts and Crafts School in Kolding, now Kolding School of Design.My work is reminiscent of nature and organic life, and the feelings it evokes. A childhood in Malaysia contributes to a sensual and colouristic approach to my craft, mixed with joyfullness and a twinkle in the eye.I have a deep fascination for wool and the age-old technique of felting. From this passion came the impetus to research and develop a completely unique technique to create my artistic universe.

I keep on working with textile art and exhibitions. Creating art pieces, Things that just need to be expressed in textiles. 

Felt wall hangings have an acoustic dampening effect.Textiles in a room shorten the reverberation – and therefore it becomes easier to distinguish sounds and understand conversation.

I have exhibited in many fine places in Denmark and abroad. And received prestigious rewards for my Design.
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Pictures of previous works.