Raw felt. seat 40x40 cm. grey


600 kr

Felted wool - fits a chair or stool. - grey
Every summer; When the sheep are sheared, the wool is sheared off as a combined fleece - in one piece - after it's cleaned for hay and dirt, I felt the raw wool directly as it is, but only on the inside, and make sure that wool on the outside remands unfelted. Sometimes I put wool from different sheep together and sometimes I filter the whole fleece. The result resembles ordinary lambskins, but I call it "vegetarian skin" because the sheep are still alive - in good condition and doing well - and next year, we will they be shearing them again.
Can be washed on the wool program in the washing machine, or be soaked in lukewarm water with some wool shampoo, rinsed and centrifuged in the washing machine.

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